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Don't let you escape this oportunity from your hands!
Turn on now your iOS device and download it inmediatly!

When I came back from the school, I watched the "Top 25" of the AppStore, and  I surprised. The top one was this game.
It's an ability game where you have to cut some strings to feed the green pet (I can't remember the name), however, it isn't so easy as you think.
You have to be quick because you can earn more points if you do it in no time at all. Also you have to try which strings you should cut, repeat it the times that you need! Don't worry if you can't do it well at the first time.

My tip is, if you want to get all the stars, first try to do it well and after that, do it again really fast!

The game is cheaper, only 0'79€, and you can buy it whenever you want.

If you want to play in your browser: (Click here) Link

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