Rock in Río: Lisboa

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Today, It has started the "Rock in Río: Lisboa" and our lovely friend, YouTube, is streaming the LIVE concert.  

It lasts five days (25/26 May and 1/2/3 June). Differents artists are going to play and also a lot of genres, Heavy Metal, Electronic... (I want to listen this two).

I started to watch it a few years ago, with my sister. Now I can't stand forget it, so you also have to watch it. 

In a few minuts Metallica is going to play! And you can't miss the Metallica's concert.
I LOVE Metallica, the guitar, the drums, the lyrics... Amazing.

The post is only a reminder/Sum up, because you can read everything you want on internet.

Yu can watch it here (click), and read about the Rock in Rio here (click).
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