Four channel mixer || Introduction (Part I)

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My current project is a four channels audio mixer.

Why? Quite simply, I want to have three or four imputs (headphones, ps3, pc...) and only one headphones output.

After a few days reading on internet, I found a circuit but ir was incomplete. We could get it (not bad).

One day we went to buy the components and asked if they had some kit. They told us that they cuold have an quite basic kit. Also we bought a simple amplifier.

However, the shop assistant asked us about the proyect, and he told us that we would need more components, a box, screws, cable...

After almost two hours in the shop, we got home.

When we got home, we thought: "And now, where do we start by?"

The first step is the design de the box, it is, where we are going to put every component.

We didn't know what expecte us: impedances, failures, potentiometers....

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